Rock Armoring Project -Maravi Takamaka & Fairyland Anse Royale

Rock Armoring Project -Maravi Takamaka & Fairyland Anse Royale

The Climate Adaptation and Management Section (CAMS) of Ministry of Environment and SLTA has been working together to assess coastal erosion along several shorelines bordering the road network. Maravi at Takakama & Anse Royale at Fairyland was identified as two of the locations that the road and its infrastructure was being undermined. To prevent further damage the two organizations joined together to plan and implement a coastal protection project in the form of rock armoring.
Rock Armoring is usually the best and most effective method of protecting the shoreline when it’s being eroded.
For the project to come into effect CAMS worked on the report and SLTA on the design, the cost and contracted out the work. Direct bidding method was initiated for the Maravi project due to the urgency of the project and an experienced contractor, Sun Excavation was awarded the contract for a sum of SCR 3.8 million.
Sun Excavation started the project late December 2019 and it was completed in March 2020 as per time frame given.
For the Fairyland Project selective bidding was done and UCPS was awarded the contract sum of SR 1,454,101.25 million.The commencement date was on January 10th 2020 and the intended completion date is on June 10th 2020. (5 months)

About 90% of the work is completed.

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