History of the Agency

History of the Agency
In a comprehensible move for SLTA to better concentrate on its core mandate in improving the road network in both designing and maintenance it was decided in 2017 to transfer the Units of Highway Patrol and Vehicle Testing Station to the Road Transport Commission.
The revamped SLTA started with a work force of 98 staff and was enacted in January 2009. The major role of this new entity still revolve round the;

Building of road networks and infrastructure, and Traffic development in the country

The main Sections of the SLTA were;
· Secretariat (inlc. PR & IT)
· Human Resources & Administration
· Accounts
· Road Infrastructures
· Road Maintenance
· Traffic Management
· Project Planning & Implementation
· Highway Patrol
· Vehicle Testing Station
· Inner Islands

With the merger of Land Transport Division of the Ministry of Tourism and Transport with the CCCL, the latter was freed to operate competitively on the open market, where there was a need to provide competition, whilst at the same time it closed the operational gap which existed between the Roads and Structure Division and LTD to permit more efficient management and use of resources. The merger was concluded as there was no necessity to have two asphalt suppliers in the relatively limited market of Mahe, and the initial heavy investment that required the service to remain a monopoly. If a monopoly should have caused to be existed, then there would have stood a very good reason it should be state-owned.

The LTD had the responsibility for all land transport related matters including;
· Design
· Construction
· Maintenance of roads

LTD had a group labourers who cleaned the roads and a small team of artisans who manufactured and install road signs.

1987 - 1992
With the creation of the Civil Construction Limited (CCCL) in the late 80s to the early 90s, the Sections of Quarry and Workshop was transferred from WEL to CCCL.
1981 - 1986
The PWD changed its name to Works Enterprises Limited (WEL) in the years between 1981-1986 and its role expanded to also include various Sections of;
• Building
• Quarry
• Workshop
• Supply
• Plant hire
The Seychelles Land Transport Agency (SLTA) does originate from the then Public Works Department (PWD). Originated in 1974, PWD was a governmental entity which had the responsibility of road construction and its adjacent infrastructures. During the existence of PWD we saw the first series of road infrastructures to be hand-built and tarmac-surfaced. To be noted that most of the country’s roads were built prior by the first settlement on the islands and there was a vital necessity for seemly planning and implementation of a road framework due to major economic development.

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