Roche Caiman road widening

Roche Caiman road widening

The road-widening project at Roche Caiman from Eden Island Roundabout to Pangia Beach is well underway. The resurfacing project started in January and now it is in the final stages of laying asphalt. The final layer will be laid after the leveling and grading work is completed along this stretch of road. During this preparation period the road surface will look messy with large patches in various places, however once the final asphalt layer is done, it will be uniform and provide a smoother ride.

This project involves the widening of the exiting road to a 4-lane road to improve the traffic flow in that area.

Two of the lanes will be used for facilitating turning movements. The outermost lane (seaside) will be used for accessing the properties along that side and for exiting towards the south. (In other words a deceleration and acceleration lane)

The inner lane going towards Victoria will also be used as the standby/ turning lane for vehicles accessing the seaside properties coming from Providence and for vehicles exiting towards Victoria.

This arrangement will be temporary until such time that a new bridge (to cater 4 lanes) is built adjacent to the exiting one after Pangea. When this bridge is constructed, a service lane will be built to access the seaside properties with a proper junction (roundabout or otherwise) connecting the service lane to the main road. When this is done, the four lanes will be converted into a full dual carriageway with a physical central medium preventing vehicles from crossing the lanes.

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