Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions

What are the procedures to lay asphalt in a driveway or on private property

To lay asphalt on a private property firstly an email or letter must be address to the CEO’s Office
After the CEO receives your letter it will forwarded to the Road Infrastructure Department. An officer will contact you to conduct a visit for the necessary measurement. After taking the measurement the necessary calculations will be made and you will be contacted afterwards for the costing. If you agree with the costing, payment can be made at our office Huteau Lane in the Accounts section. After payment the Road Infrastructure Department will organize to lay asphalt on your property based on their specific work plan


Postal Address:
Mr Parinda Herath
Chief Executive Officer
Seychelles Land Transport Agency
Huteau Lane,Victoria

How much will it cost to lay asphalt on my property

480 per square meter

Requesting to install streetlight or crash barrier/Handrail in my district

To install a streetlight or crash barrier you may contact you District Administration office for your request. The DA shall inform you if the item can be install now or if it will be put on a list for future installation .Afterwards the DA will contact SLTA for visit in the said location

Installation of mirror on public road or for private access

For the installation of traffic mirror on the public road you may contact the DA office or the SLTA main office. SLTA officers will conduct a visit and see if the said location is on state or private owned land if it’s feasible and we shall proceed with the installation. If it’s on private property we would have to seek permission from the owner before installation can be made .If the mirror it’s for personal use for example for a private driveway .Our officers will conduct a visit and if it is feasible to install you may purchase a mirror from us or at a local hardware store. After purchase we can give you an option of contractors that can install the mirror and upon agreement the mirror will be installed at your own cost

How to get registered as a contractor at SLTA

You may download the supplier form on our website in the downloads section. Fill up the form and attached a copy of your ID, Tax Registration Form, License Form and a copy of your business account card and deliver it at the reception,Huteau Lane  or you can collect a copy of the form at the reception and do the same procedure and have the form and the other attachment delivered to same

The Role and Responsibilities of Department of Land Transport(DOLT) and The Seychelles Land Transport Agency

Department of Transport which is located in Quadrant Building, 1st Floor at Huteau Lane Victoria fall under the portfolio of Ministry of Housing, Infrastructure and Land Transport

The Department of Land Transport (DOLT) is responsible for Policy Development, monitoring and Development Control.
• Policy Planning-Revise and develop new policies and regulations that corresponds to these policies .Examples of policies are for taxis, car hires, omnibus, importation for new vehicle and for road securities
• Development Control Unit –Assess application from the Planning Department relation to transport aspect

Road Transport Commission (RTC) is responsible for Regulation, Monitoring and Enforcement

Road Transport Commission undertakes 5 activities in principal:

• Vehicle Testing Unit(Testing vehicle to ensure that they are road worthy)
• Inspections of Transport(car hire,taxis,new vehicle entering the country)
• Inspections of Infrastructure (permission to excavate road and to ensure restoration is done after excavation
• Theory Driving Test
• Highway Patrol Unit

Seychelles Land Transport Agency is responsible for implementing and undertake maintenance work on road projects and its infrastructure –for Eg: Footpath, Streetlights, Bus Shelters etc…

SLTA must ensure that every primary, secondary, and feeder road in the country are being maintained regularly and remain in good condition for the safety of motorists and pedestrians

SLTA also has different partners that engages in different sustainable projects to help relieve traffic congestion and that falls under the Victoria Traffic Management.

Cleaning of road and open drains

Seychelles Land Waste Management is the Agency responsible for cleaning of roads and open drains

Fallen branch or tree has damaged a parked vehicle or a vehicle that was passing by

Forestry Department under the portfolio of Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change is the department responsible to investigate if a fallen branch or tree on state land has damaged a vehicle .If the latter is on private owned land then the vehicle owner must liaise with the land owner

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